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They talked about the history of the life of Francis Zeitler-Ponomarenko, who saved the lives of hundreds of villagers in the village of Gorbove, Chernihiv district. She persuaded Hitler’s punishers, three days standing kneeling, not to destroy the village.

This story was told in her novel Elena Pecherna “In the Shadow of the Earth Woman”.

Liudmyla Lohinova, director of PPTE JNL and member of the Presidium of Chernihiv Women’s Union attended the meeting.

Very honored guests were invited to the meeting: Smal Tetiana – granddaughter of Francis Zeitler, Olena Pecherna – author of the novel, Natalia Khomenko – head of local lore circle “Search”, Oksana Trikashna – head of the branch “Kulykivka Museum of History and Local Lore” of Kulykiv village council, and director of the Charity Fund for the Development of Territorial Communities in Memory of Francis Zeitler"”. Trykashna Oksana is a senior researcher at the Tarnavsky Military Museum.