JNL - private production and trade company

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 The mission of our enterprise lies in producing cereals from a vast list of grain crops with assured high quality at reasonable prices with minimal impact on the environment, to provide flexibility in supplies to each specific market and the sales promotion of such products to international markets with different purchasing power.


An administrative-producing complex, located in Chernigov, is equipped with the necessary communications, stocks and housing rooms. It is located close to the automobile roads, has an access to railway.


The industrial-manufacturing complex located 20 km away from the city in v. Gorbovo Kulikivsky district of Chernigov region is designed for grain storage. The grain mill complex located in the same place produces groats and flour as well as mixed feeding. In May, 2013 the line on cleaning and grain packing was established. It allows to carry out in addition clients' orders on supply of the packed grain of high extent of the cleaning, used for production of forages for decorative birds.


While producing the cereals, that are the commodities of mass consumption, we understand that the quality must meet the demands of our customers in all cases, because the quality remains with a buyer, when he forgot about the price long ago.

Producing-technical laboratories work on the enterprise. All coming grain crops and ready-made products undergo a careful quality control on the correspondence to the approved standards.

The laboratory has a certificate of attestation №А13-228 dated 30.07.2013 given out by the Ukrainian state center UDUS for the compliance with the criteria of attestation and is being certificated for making measurements and indexes of objects according to the branch of attestation.

Currently the system of management of quality control for compliance with the terms of standard of ISO 9001-2015 “Systems of quality control” is implemented.



Certificate ISO 9001:2015


Although in processing of grain and cereal products traditional technologies are used, we are constantly engaged in researching and introducing new technologies, economical use of energy and construction of a closed non-waste production with minimization of adverse environmental impacts, and taking a dominant position at the market.


Our enterprise was awarded with the diploma for considerable contribution to popularisation and implementation of new breakthrough technologies in food industry and agriculture in 2007.

Diploma JNL


The enterprise is ecologically friendly as it doesn’t have harmful emissions and the waste from grain processing is used for the production of mixed feeding and feed additives.


From 2009 to 2011 according to the project of development of the industry of the European Reconstruction and Development Bank, the enterprise developed and introduced the program, on reduction of influence by environment and collecting secondary raw materials. In 2011 PPTE “JNL” signed the new agreement with ERDB, on participation in the program of business consulting services of ERDB. According to this project the enterprise got a grant on design of an elevator construction in the village Gorbovo, Kulikovsky district, Chernigov region.


Besides the enterprise cooperates with the scientific and technical center "Design and technologies of agro-industrial complex", National university of food technologies.


Our enterprise developed and introduced projects in the following areas:

  • Development of scientific bases of technological processes of food productions for the purpose of creation of highly effective technologies and the equipment, means of mechanization and automation.
  • Increase of efficiency of the enterprises' activity of food and processing branches of agrarian and industrial complex in market conditions.
  • roductions' greening of food and processing branches of agrarian and industrial complex.
  • Development of scientific bases of automated control systems' creation for the computer integrated productions of food and processing industry.

ISO 22000:2018 “Management System in the field of safety of food and food products — Requirements for any organizations in a chain of deliveries” is  introduced.


Certificate ISO 22000:2018