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Prepayment With our clients from  Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Poland we usually work on terms of prepayment. Thus you get the lowest prices as compared to the other forms of payment, because bank charges are optimized and additional discounts are given. PPTE «JNL» has been included to the Register of reliable partners by the Commercial and industrial chamber of Ukraine. That serves as an additional guarantee in our collaboration.


Prepayment + bank guarantee of refund of advance money It is nearly the same way of payment as prepayment, but after registration of contract and before effecting the advance payment our bank gives you the guarantee of refund of advance money in case of non-delivery of the goods according to the terms set in the contract (the text of the guarantee is coordinated). Bank that provides you with guarantees is Policombank.


Payment on the letter of credit We also have an experience of successful work with the letters of credit. An advising and carrying out bank is the Joint stock bank «Credit-Dnepr» and Policombank. Payment is accepted in the US dollars, Euro, Russian roubles and other free convertible currencies.


Payment according to the collection At first a partial advance payment (10-20%) is made, in advance stipulated and established in the contract then goods shipment is made. Then to the buyer's bank the collection order with documents for the shipped goods is directed. The buyer receives documents in the bank after full payment of goods.


Credit-Dnepr is the bank payee