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On the last day of February, Lyudmila Loginova, director of PPTE JNL and a member of the board of the public organization "Union of Women of Chernihiv region", attended an event dedicated to the memory of the famous Ukrainian woman - Maria Andriivna Orlyk, who was almost the first organizer of the women's movement in Ukraine, it was she who inspired the women of Chernihiv Region to rally around issues and problems that are important in the life of any woman in the region, the State both then, 30 years later, and today.

Memories of Maria Andriiivna Orlyk, her life path, activities and contribution to the development of the state showed great respect and understanding of her role and contribution to the formation of gender policy of Ukraine.

An important factor was the fact that women of different generations were present at the meeting. Different spheres of activity, which are united by the idea of the women's movement, which understand the role of women in society, which make a lot of efforts to bring our Victory closer.