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A producer and exporter of groats the Ukrainian enterprise “JNL” welcomes you. Founded in 1992, our enterprise has formed trading and manufacturing traditions. We won the status of the reliable supplier not only among Ukrainian, but also among foreign buyers.

PPTE “JNL” is a member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine and the Chernigov RCCI. It is also a member of All-Ukrainian public organization "Association of Payers of Taxes of Ukraine", a member of regional association of the employers organizations "Sivershchina", an associated member of the European Association of Business Development.

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The wide range of production and always high quality in compliance to the international standards form JNL company's geography of delivering goods.

Our enterprise won reputation of the reliable supplier and business partner in world agro-sector.

For more than 20 years history of cooperation with our clients, the geography of production's delivery covers over 39 EU countries, the CIS, Asia, Africa, America, and also Australia, and extends to this day.

We cooperate only with the best transport companies, thereby providing expeditious cargo delivery by railway, sea and motor transport all over the Globe.

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Зерно производства компании  ДЖИ-ЭН-ЭЛ Фасоль производства компании  ДЖИ-ЭН-ЭЛ

JNL became the winner of the contest “TOP -FACE OF GRAIN MARKET AND LOGISTICS” among the top exporting companies of grain and grain products to the most remote from the port of Odessa markets according to the organizers of Grain & Maritime Days in Odessa.

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A company representative, Natalia Gurina, attended a seminar “Internationalization of enterprises and export development”, prepared especially for Ukrainian entrepreneurs by the Polish Agency PARP.

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Director of PPTE JNL Loginova Lyudmila became an honorary member of the IV Forum of Chernihiv Exporters “Innovative technologies and products as a crucial success factor for Ukrainian export”, which was organized with the support of the Chernihiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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