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On June 30, 2021, Aleksandr Loginov, commercial director of the PPTE JNL, took part in a meeting of food producers of the Chernihiv region with the regional manager of the largest all-Ukrainian retail network ATB-MARKET Olga Badovskaya. The meeting took place at the initiative of the head of the Chernihiv regional administration, Anna Kovalenko.

The possibilities of selling products of local manufacturers in the stores of chains located in the region, as well as issues of labeling such products with the sign “Chernihiv region. Buy your own" were discussed. As the analysis of the assortment of products presented in the trade network showed, only 10% was produced in the territory of Chernihiv region. The participants of the meeting enlisted the support of the regional administration and ATB-MARKET in promoting the goods of local food producers.