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On June 25, 2024, the JCF “Hesed Esther” hosted a presentation of the novel by the outstanding Ukrainian writer Olena Pecherna “In the Shadow of the Earth Woman” in which the winner of the competition for the best translation of the book of the student of the National University named after Mykola Gogol Nadiya Puhach was held. There were wards of JCF “Hesed Esther”, the elderly and the disabled, to whom the Foundation provides all kinds of assistance and supports everyone in this difficult time.

Let's remind that the book was published with the support of the Charitable Foundation for the Development of the Territorial Community “In Memory of Francisa Zeitler”, one of the founders of which is PPTE “JNL”. The members of the Commission in assessing the translation of the book were employees of PPTE “JNL” Komar Oksana, Romanenko Tetiana, Kulakova Victoria, Kozlov Yuriy. Also, the competent opinion on the translation was expressed by the guest Mr Antonio Torro, who noted the excellent work of the translator, because the translation of fiction requires considerable knowledge and creative approach to convey to the reader the idea of the author and convey the artistic atmosphere of the work.