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Pour some milk in a pot (or milk with wate), let it boil, add some salt and sugar. Constantly stirring the milk, pour semolina into it. Decrease heating and continuously stirring cook 15—20 minutes to thickening.

Dress the hot semolina with butter, put strawberries at the separate plate, sprinkle them with sugar powder. Semolina can be also served cold, put at the plate with the layer of 3 cm.Before serving cut it in portions, adorning with strawberries and castor sugar. Semolina can be also cooked in berry juice (cranberry, bilberry, currant).

To receive mousse beat the hot semolina cooked in berry juices to the increase of volume in 2—3 times, put it in vases, pour syrup and serve as a dessert. To let the mousse come off the form easily, wet it, sprinkle with sugar, pour in the mousse and let it get cold.