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Sort out the groat, wash it with warm water. Boil some water in a pan, add some salt and fat, pour in the barley, stir and cook stirring with a spoon to thickening. For stewing of the porridge put a pan into a vessel with boiling water (water bath). The porridge should stew for 1,5—2 hours.
Cut fat in small bricks, fry it in such a way that a half of it should melt. Fry finely cut onions brown.
Mix up the ready porridge, onions and cracklings. Serve hot. Fine-ground barley porridge can be also served with fried mushrooms and milk.

For dressing: cooked mushrooms (champignons) 25 g, fried onions 25 g, boiled milk 150 ml, butter 15g. Cook mushrooms (champignons), cut finely and fry. Fry onions brown, mix with the mushrooms and add them into the porridge at the end of cooking. Boil milk. In 25-30 minutes pour out the spare water, add the hot milk and cook to readiness. Put the butter into the prepared porridge.

One shouldn’t wash fine-ground barley, buckwheat, cracked wheat and oatflakes. if they are prepared by a downlow method. In great amount of water let the graot boil then pour out the spare water and cook to thereadiness in the remaining water.