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Pour some milk with water into in a pan, let it boil, add salt, sugar and stir. Continuously stirring the milk, put semolina in athin trickle. Keeping stirring decrease heating and cook 15—20 minutes to thickness.

Cool coocked viscid porridge to 70—75 °С, mix up with raw eggs, grated cheese and melted margarine. Cut the got mass with two spoons on trickled pastries 10—15 g each. The mass can be formed as a roll and can be cut with a wet knife.

Cook the trickled pastries in salt water during 5—6 minutes right before serving. Pass them through a sieve. Serve with butter and sour cream. Avoid intensive boiling during the preparation. Ready trickled pastries emerge on a surface. When cooked long they become flabby and watery.