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Sort out rice, wash it with warm water, put it in boiling water. Cook a viscid porridge, cool it to 70 °С, enter the yolks malaxed with sugar, washed raisins and some vanilla sugar. Mix everything well and add the beaten egg-whites. It is necessary to enter the egg-whites in 2—3 portions, carefully mixing from top to the bottom.

Smear a form with butter to cook the pudding on a steam bath or dust a form with sugar or dried breadcrumbs for baking the pudding in an oven. Lay out the prepared mass on the form, filling it no more than on 2/3. Prepare it to readiness on a steam bath or in the oven at a temperature 250 °С. In the process of cooking the volume of pudding increases, the mass becomes resilient and begins to fall behind from the walls of the form.

Cool the prepared pudding, take it out of the form, put it in a vase or on a pie dish, dress it with the canned fruit. Serve with a sauce or with kissel. The well beaten egg-whites do not fall off, hold on a fork as a cap. There is no liquid on the bottom of the pan, the egg-whites do not pour out. But the too long beating of egg-whites is not avaliable because large air bubbles appear and the foam becomes unstable.