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Sort out millet, wash once or twice to delete the bitterness, pour into the boiled water and cook for 10—15 minutes. Then pour out the water, add some hot milk and sugar and cook stirring to thickness. Add carrots shredded on a large grater 10—15 minutes before readiness.

Cool the prepared porridge to 70 °С, then add the eggs and mix. Divide it in portions of oval form, coat them with breadcrumbs or crumbled stale loaf of bread. Fry the rissols on a frying pan on both sides till a golden crust appears, then put them in an oven for 5— 7 minutes. Serve hot. For rissols with a sweet sauce a porridge should be cooked with sugar, for mushroom and vegetable sauces - without sugar.

Preparing the porridge by a downlow method the amount of water must exceed the amount of groats in 6—7 times. In 10—15 minutes of cooking the water is poured out leaving the lay of liquid at about 3—4 cm above the level of groat. When groat absorbs the liquid, cover the pan.