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Wash the sifted and sorted out groat, pour it on a frying pan and fry it to the light brown colour periodically stirring so that it shouldn’t burn. Boil some water, add salt, fat and prepared buckwheat. Stir and cook to readiness periodically stirring. Smooth a surface, cover the pan and decrease the heat (you can place it in an oven). The porridge from fried buckwheat stews for 1—1,5 hours and from unfried — at about 5 hours. Serve with butter, milk. A warm porridge is served with hot milk, cooled one is flooded with cold milk. The porridge can be dressed with onions fried with mushrooms, liver or brains.

For dressing: fried mushrooms 25 g, fried onions 25 g, fried brains (liver) 40 g. Boil the dried mushrooms, cut finely and fry. Filter the broth, add the fried mushrooms and the groat. Add fried onions in the ready porridge and cook it to readiness. Fried mushrooms and onions can be also put in the ready porridge at the end of cooking. Put the brains (liver) cleared from pellicles into a pan filled with cold water, add salt, vinegar, pepper, bay leaf and boil. Cut them in small pieces , fry at butter slightly, add fried onions and mix it with the porridge.

To improve the taste of buckwheat porridge add 1/2 tea-spoon of butter while frying the groat just at the beginning of cackling. Before adding the fried groats in boiling water, cool it slightly, otherwise grains will burst and loose their shape.