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Sort out oats, soak them and wash. Cook it in the boiling water with some salt for 5 minutes, then pour out the water, add hot milk and cook to readiness on a slow heat periodically stirring. Serve with butter.

Oatmeal or «oat-flakes» is impossible to keep for a long time, as it becomes rancid because of the fats contained in it. To delete the bitterness it is recommended to cook a porridge by a downlow method. It is not recommended to keep groats in the paper packing. Having opened a package pour the groats in the hermetically closed glass, metallic or plastic jar, keep it in a cool place with a repellent (against insect-wreckers) mean. When kept at home 1—2 cloves of garlic can be put in a kitchen cupboard. It is also recommended to wash shelves with water with a soda (1 soupspoon of soda for 1 l of water). The affected with single species of insects crop is recommended to keep in a fridge for several days (on the window or balcony in winter) or warm it in the oven at the temperature of 60°С during 2—3 hours. Then simply sort out groats, sift the flour through a shallow sieve and pour it in the hermetically closed tableware. Before preparation of porridge carefully and abundantly wash groats with water.