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Put a pan with milk into an oven. Take off the appearing skins with a cook needle. Enter salt and sugar in milk. Pour the sifted groats in a pan with a thin stream and stir, till the porridge thickens.

Cool a porridge to the temperature of 70 °С. Cool the eggs, separate the yolks from egg-whites. Pound the yolks with sugar and add to the cool porridge. Add washed raisins, cut candied fruits, roasted and cut nuts, butter and vanilla sugar. Mix everything carefully. Beat the egg-whites with a beater and add to the dressed porridge.
Lay out the mass in the form of a hill on a frying pan already smeared with butter, sprinkle it with sugar powder (you can do some pattern at the surface with a hot cooking needle). Bake it in the oven for 8—10 minutes at a temperature of 250—280 °С.

Dress the prepared porridge with fresh or canned fruit or fried almond, cover it with a milk foam. It is recommended to serve the porridge with an apricot souce.