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Sort out the pearl barley, wash it in warm water. Soak dried mushrooms, boil them, cut or skip through a meat grinder. Add the cut mushrooms in the filtered mushroom broth (they can be fried first), add salt, groats. Stirring it with a spoon from top to bottom, cook the porridge to thickness. Smooth the surface of porridge, decrease the heat, cover the pan and let it get ready. The duration of preparation is 1,5—2 hours.

The prepared porridge is poured with sunflower oil or some margarine can be added. A viscid pearl porridge can be cooked in water, and fresh mushrooms, boiled and fried, are added to the porridge before serving.

Pearl barley and fine-ground barley are cooked long. To cook them faster soak the cereals in water for 10 hours. Such method qiuckens the cooking but the nutriments are lost more. Cook the porrigde at the steam bath in order not to let it burn.