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For a recipe you require:

  • yellow peas - 400g
  • semolina - 100g
  • flour 2-3 spoonful
  • onions -1-2
  • black pepper - to liking
  • breadcrumbs - for breading
  • salt.

For cutlet mass: cook peas to readiness. Cook semolina in pea broth (ratio 100g of semolina to 250g of broth). Mash the prepared peas properly, add a hot semolina, a little bit of flour, salt and black pepper to liking, fried onions and mix everything very well (the mass must be quite thick).

Form oval cutlets from the peamass, coat them with breadcrumbs, fry them from both sides and bake them finally slightly in the oven.
Serve hot, pour with the remaining oil and a bit of onions fred there.